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newgrods is abusing me over nothing

Posted by demonyes - 1 month ago

i gussies 0 Americans know what abuse is or how it works

so stand up for my self iu_41106_5235742.jpg

some how = i am the bad guy iu_41107_5235742.jpg

and also she clams i did harassment her but where exactly is the evidence for it

i only ask if she is a SJW or not the definition of harassment is sure that she didn't harassment me when she was the one who started it and this is what she calls harassment is iu_41108_5235742.jpg

jhe newgrowds really is taking over by SJW iu_41109_5235742.jpg

lets make newgrounds the new tumblr

be HOLD I AM BANNED FROM TUMBLR 2.0 over me trying to standing up for my self iu_41116_5235742.jpg

i am acting like a jerk aw boy says the jers who hate me for freaking no reasons makes perfect scene iu_41117_5235742.jpg

so newgrods nice free speech you have there not only i you ignoring evidence but you also ignore facts

so when am getting attack GOOD when i triggered some one over nothing BAD and spicily when i was trying to reason whit them BAD

how dear i standing up for my self no free speech allowed we a gonna dehumanize you because you a not from USA iu_41124_5235742.jpg



Comments (5)

Did you get triggered?
I find it highly ironic that the one review you left for me that's in this News post, is the only one I did NOT Flag for abuse or harassment.
You deleted all of the other evidence (or it got moderated). Including the poorly reviewed pieces.

i know you a so easy to get triggered what did pudding offend you \
so me posting the full story = i am the one who got triggered WOW
did you forgot that you where the one who claims to be harassment by me
so can you even show any evidence for it or not
maybe because you a to stupid to know what harassment even is
but is only okay when you harassment people and still claim that you a the victim whit 0 evidence to prove it .
i only did leave 3 comments and non of them say harassment
1 was sarcastic
2 was a critic
and 3 was a fact it was more of a warning but what ever
if your a to stupid to get them then maybe you should use the net at all go back to school and learn basic communication first

1. I see no evidence whatsoever here that they’re a toxic SJW.
2. It looks like you’re the one who took what they said out of proportion.
3. Maybe your reply alone couldn’t constitute as harrassment but if you went around acting like this it could probably be enough to get you banned.
4. I see no drama whatsoever in your second piece of evidence, it just looks like you two are having a decent conversation.
5. It’s ironic that you said “learn basic communication when your using that internet grammar thing.
6. It’s ironic that I’m posting a comment here considering that I recently got banned from a webcomic forum due to the toxic real sjw community.

@alphaghoul I'm pretty sure he got banned after all this. This entire drama stemmed from him getting caught posting stolen art that he ran through a filter. For some reason he bothered me about it and it ended in him spamming my profile. I haven't heard from him since the thing happened.

@Chdonga It’s probably mean of me to say this on his profile but I think he might be mentally insane. So what did you do to get roped up into this?

@alphaghoul I check on the Art Portal every so often to find undiscovered pixel artists to scout & recommend for the portal. I noticed a few of the guy's art pieces were just google images and movie posters run through a pixelation filter. I promptly reported them then checked his account to see if he was stealing more content. I noticed he made a callout post directed to a couple of low reviewers where he called them NPCs and SJWs and posted a bunch of stupid political memes.
All I did was send a wtf react and he proceeded to post on my profile about some ridiculous SJW conspiracy theory. He removed/edited one of his original posts where he's claiming that we can't prove that he was uploading stolen google images and that all the low reviewers are SJWs & NPCs targeting him for no reason. Coincidentally, the images he claimed weren't stolen were all removed. Anyways he changed the first comment to something more apologetic. There's no profile comment audit log so that original comment is just lost forever, but you can still see my reply to his original comment on my profile pic.
Anyways, I tried to reason with him but he was still convinced that he was the victim here. Eventually he just started spamming and I had to block him. I think he made a couple of alts to upvote some of his pieces and a mod caught on and locked his main account. During this bizarre interaction I noticed some accounts with gibberish names were smile-reacting his comments and the names all disappeared a day later. I can't prove it was him so I'm not going to make any accusations here.

So yeah. We can get some real weirdos here once in a while.