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ugh need a day or two off before trig to finish my god damn game

Posted by demonyes - November 17th, 2018

i do need to finsh the story end try to fix some of the jokes in it 


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First game ever? Sounds interesting! Also: not sure about that second version you mentioned on the Devil...? I'm only seeing one. Not up yet?

my first game will suck hard . i am learning the RPG maker MV
end i am busies whit dealing like the story the jokes the puzzles to honest i dont even consider my first game ever even as a game yet i only consider it as my trying to get over the learning curves but no matter if people hated or love it i will only accept constrictive critic over well rating i just wanna know if it sucks then i wanna know why if its rocks well same rule why

Humble beginnings huh. :) Makes me wonder if maybe you're being overly self-critical and this first thing might really be a piece of RPG maker mastery. :P Who knows! Either way this'll be interesting.

aw dude you haw no idea it wont by rely a mastery may by my other two games will because i did plan one comedy game end well one surreal game end may by one PG 13 game as well
i also do plan to do a visual novel game end FPS horror game end a arena shorter like queik
end yes my most of the game will by sell because well artsy need money to survive after all
will promise wont by something over expensive .
but i am always gonna by open for critic as longest it is constrictive
well I decided my first game to by a mix between a some default stuff end custom stuff a,k,a my stuff hope you guys love complex random crap whit bad jokes
when you play it you get it

In my first game, the jokes came naturally because I had the jokes on my website already and it was like a connect the dots of figuring out how I could connect them. The second one I had to write the jokes from scratch. There was a lot of editing and a lot of scrapped jokes. In the end, my target audience seemed to enjoy it. I hope your joke editing isn't too difficult, and you are happy with the finished product.

Hmm speaking of visual novels and horror games, it's been a while since I played one of those that's both... really like those. Well feel free to let me know when it's out and I'll have a look. :) Interested.

will do but first i do need to expand my horror end art skills a bit
keep it simple or rely complex end whit detail art works as well
Bad Dream: Coma is a good example of what i may by plan to do
i min keep it simple end not so match on detail art works mostly comic bock art style
may by ....
end i am a fan of multiple endings so this will by a nightmare to figure out how to program it
end add some achievements at least
i do haw tyranobuilder 6 end Visual Novel Maker end novelty so this will by fan to chose one end stick whit it till i finish the game
well at least VN a not complex as RPG makers games can get some times so this a + theta i can start end finish the sucker fast